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Established in 2011, Kai-zen is a social enterprise consultancy and training business that provides specialist services to (i) Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) organisations to help them to do develop and grow and (ii) Public Sector organisations to increase social value and improve outcomes for people and communities. 

Quality assurance and performance improvement is at the heart of what we do. ‘Kaizen’ is a Japanese business improvement concept that literally translates into ("kai") which means "change" or to "correct" and ("zen") which means "good". This is our mission as we strive to support continuous improvement for our clients. We bring the ‘kaizen’ into all of our assignments, helping clients to do what they are doing, even better.

We seek to achieve small improvements on a continuous, incremental and long-term basis, which then add up to major long-term benefits and impact – faster delivery, lower costs, reduced waste, and improved performance and quality.


Our approach is premised on context, ‘kaizen’, and sustainability.

We believe that all of our work warrants a context-specific approach. Towards this end we draw on a geographical perspective; it helps to understand the relationship between landscapes, people, places and environments & how people relate to place.

This becomes especially important in the international context of the blurring of boundaries between the South and the North, and the pockets of marginalisation, inequality and exclusion.

In practice this means that we take a systems, ecological approach to our work, ensuring that positive change in one place (a business, government, community) has a positive knock-on effect on others. This approach ensures that strategies reflect the causes of difference and inequality between places and people.

‘Kaizen’ is a quality assurance business improvement concept that literally means ‘change and improve for the better’. Continuous improvement and change drivers undeprins what we do.

We define success not only in terms of whether a problem has been solved or a client has reached their objectives, but whether there is long-standing impact.

Our engagement with the people and organisations that we work with is an on-going process - we value people and relationships.

We try to look at things from a positive angle rather than looking at what is wrong - steering towards postitive outcomes for all.

Why work with us

Local solutions - we support local economies, grassroots innovation and local participation. We like to think small, on the proportion and scale that people can understand, and we facilitate pluralism in local political economies. We believe that success needs local actions, civil society development solutions and that real democracy depends on localism. We think local, and we act global.

Quality - Kai-zen is an internationally recognised quality assurance and business improvement method - quality underpins everything that we do.  

Systems thinking - connects everything that is interpendent, and ensures that policies, strategies, and projects accurately respond to need and achieve the greatest positive impact. On an organisational level we give attention to the total work of organisations and the interrelationships between different areas of work, where change in one area will require new ways of working in another.

Value for money - we are passionate and committed to our work, we offer an ethical approach, we ensure our work is sustainable, and we go the extra mile.

Social enterprise approach - we offer pro bono support on a needs basis. We are a not for profit organisation - our priority motive is to help wherever we can, to make the world a better place, and not to privately benefit.

Focus on outcomes - Kai-zen's motives are to contribute to improve outcomes for local people, bringing a neutral perspective when supporting policy. We focus our attention on where change is needed in terms of people, families, communities, organisations,  environment and policy, seeking to support them to change and improve for the better.

Experience - we bring experience in all sectors (public-corporate-voluntary) and at all levels. We are qualified organisational development specialists and planners, and our long-standing local, national and international experience ensures we bring new ideas that help to solve hard problems.

The right perspective - a geographic perspective ensures neutral analytical ground enabling the people and organisations that we work with to make well considered policy and planning responses.

Approach - we facilitate, we enable, and we empower others to bring about change. We have good, long-standing relationships with the people that we work with and we work in partnership with clients to achieve outputs and outcomes that are owned by them.

Kai-zen in action at investment readiness workshop in Northampton - supporting small groups to increase their understanding of social investment and what it can be used for, delivered in partnership with Enterprise Solutions Northamptonshire.

Examples of our work

Criminal justice sector

Supported Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council, the local infrastructure support organisation, to set up and develop a local consortium of civil society sector organisations in preparation for large scale contracts. 

Health and social care sector

Commissioned by the Wolverhampton Clinical Commissioning Group and Better Care Fund to provide performance management support to a local supply chain cluster of civil society organisations. The project aims to reduce the number of A&E hospital admissions in Wolverhampton through awareness raising and supporting people to manage their long-term conditions.

In association with Eastside Primetimers we secured funding from the Big Potential to develop the investment readiness of a leading disability charity in Solihull, Solihull Life opportunities (SoLO). We provided management consultancy in strategy development, market analysis social impact measurement and team building and we are working with them to develop a proposition to secure investment finance to enable it to scale up.

We are working with a local mental health charity in Leicester in strategy development, outcomes pathways and governance. The organisation provides supported accommodation, personal assistance, and befriending to people with serious mental health issues.

Children and young people

Business planning support to three local youth clubs in Leicestershire, and support to bid for and win tenders. We also developed a young people's supply chain in Wolverhampton in readiness for an outcomes based contract that aimed to reduce the number of young people not in employment, education and training. We are currently working with the Young People's Support Foundation to develop a social impact measurement and reporting system.

International development

Project management and strategy development services with International Conflict and Security Consulting in support of ECOWAS and the Royal Ministry for Foreign Affairs Norway's policy and planning.

"Extremely insightful support, and we particularly valued the robust challenge throughout. Great value for money, a truly ethical approach throughout" - Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council

"Every organisation should go through quality assurance, information was accessible which made the details relevant and memorable, great education, inspirational" - Feedback from Participants at Quality Assurance Training.

'We have been up skilled and our confidence within our field has been boosted". - Brian Quinn, Manager, Streetvibe Young Peoples Services

"Excellent delivery, a must for anyone looking into commissioning and growing a social enterprise”, - Participant feedback from Investment Readiness Support Workshop.

"Knowledgeable and professional with good negotiating skills, going above and beyond to get the necessary results" - Linda Noonan, Manager, Re:Active

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