Business development

We provide market research and analysis, selling and fundraising support to civil society sector organisations.

We identify growth and development opportunities and support clients to secure funding from a wide range of income sources.

We bring passion, foresight, creativity & policy awareness.

We listen to you. We like to spend time developing relationships, meeting staff and getting to the front line - this improves our ability to communicate on the ground issues effectively. We bring our knowledge of the funding environment to your organisation, and match your needs to funders/ specifications.

We mentor and coach organisations so that they have the skills to successfully raise funds. We advise on strategy, undertake funding searches,  and we write funding bids and tenders.

We undertake fast investigations of market opportunities, develop business and financial models, support the design and testing of projects, and we develop propositions. With experience of working with social investors we also help organisations to get investment ready, building a business case for investment.

Our knowledge and long-standing experience of the civil society sector market in the UK and across the globe means that we are skilled coordinators and collaborators with the ability to identify and develop business and partnership opportunities between organisations. We facilitate, listen and plan for multiple partners to design new complex projects, undertaking consultations, developing the outcomes metrics, unit price, & potential savings to the public sector. We demonstrate how proposals meet local targets, & present them in a language and format familiar to commissioners.

We also offer project planning support, overseeing delivery, ensuring that tasks are completed on time, within budget and to the required quality standard.


"Excellent delivery, a must for anyone looking into commissioning and growing a social enterprise." - participant feedback from investment Readiness Support Workshop. Investment Readiness Support Workshop for small groups, June 2012, held in partnership with Northampton Social Enterprise Solutions

Supply chain development

We develop supply chains of civil society organisations tailored to meet funder and buyer requirements and specifications. We have developed supply chains in the children and young people, health and social care, and employment, education and training sectors.

This service is based on supporting the following key principles:

  • Duality and a balance of large and small organisations
  • Building compatible capabilities
  • Supporting effective information sharing
  • Supporting joint improvement activities between organisations
  • Kaizen approaches – ensuring efficiency and quality
This service is available for small scale and large scale contracts, and works best for contracts that are outcomes based, and that enable organisations to collaboratively design and propose innovative new delivery solutions that make a difference to people’s lives.  

This service offers commissioners an opportunity to pilot small scale civil society collaborative projects and identify the potential for savings with a view to scaling up if successful.

Task areas
  • Research to identify prospective delivery organisations
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategic planning
  • Facilitating design sessions
  • Developing performance metrics and data collection methods
  • Developing joint propositions
  • Performance management support

Case studies

Consortium Development, Wolverhampton

Working with local civil society leaders we secured funding to develop the local Consortium, People in Partnership. With further funding from NOMS CFO ESF we developed a Criminal Justice Strategic Plan and Delivery Model and supply chain of quality assured civil society organisations. We built the capacity of members through delivering courses in impact measurement, quality assurance, unit pricing and investment readiness. Further information about our work can be found on the People in Partnership website:

Market research and analysis for Solihull Life Opportunities

This was part of a Big Potential investment readiness project commissioned by Eastside Primetimers. We investigated market opportunities, identified commissioning oportunities, surveyed need, researched competitors, and identifed the business case for scaling up.

Tender writing for Streetvibes Young Peoples Services

We supported Streetvibes Young People's Services to win four tenders developing capacity of staff so that they can bid for future contracts without our support therefore ensuring a sustainable impact.

Consortium proposition development

We supported the development of a proposition for a consortium made up of Age UK, Refugee & Migrant Centre & Aspiring Futures that aims to reduce A&E hospital admissions, resulting in an outcomes based contract and funding from the CCG and Better Care Fund.

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