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In a world of fast moving technology, globalisation, conflict and increasing pressure on resources there is a need to better understand geography … how people, places and environments interact and change, and how to better plan and respond to these changes from local communities to global scales.

Our geographic work covers a wide range of development planning topics including urban and rural development, globalisation, crime, gender, ecology, conflict, cultural diversity,  public administration, conflict resolution, participatory decision making, the environment.


'Geography is the integrated study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, environments and places – their nature, dynamics, interactions and change. Bridging the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, it is the spatial discipline'

 - Royal Geographic Society

Kai-zen geographics aims to inspire people, especially young people, to understand, care and respect the world’s peoples, places and environments.

Geography provides the context, and informs the services that we provide to public, private and voluntary and community sector organisations, ensuring that the strategies that we develop with our clients address the challenges faced by society and the environment. This improves policy, planning and practice in all sectors.

Case studies of good organisational practice

Participatory photography

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, UCL Collective Reflections about Development Practice & Cities

This project looked at the role of neighbourhood planning in Kisumu, Kenya using 'Participatory Photography'. Research documented learning in participatory governance within informal settlements supported by a leading international NGO, Practical Action.

Within a context of growing private development & regeneration, the research came up with recommendations to strengthen the capacity of neighbourhood planning associations and enhance participatory planning processes. Participatory photography was used to explore institutional relationships and networks, aspects of diversity and processes of representation. It provided insight into urban practice and visibility to challenges that might otherwise not have been revealed thorugh using standard methods such as interviews or focus groups.

Further information can be found here at
the Bartlett Development Planning Unit

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  • Photographic images that capture the geography of people, places and the environment in a visually creative and educational way
  • More case studies of good organisational practice collected from across the globe


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