Social investment and public services:
The next five years

We dropped by the Social Finance, LGA and Big Lottery conference 'Social Investment and Public Services: The Next Five Years'. Key headlines that we noted are the need for:

  • New ways of looking at the world
  • Investment in better and smarter technology and systems
  • Expertise exchange across the UK and the world (there is poor knowledge transfer)
  • A better  understanding of the local social enterprise market
  • Developing the investment readiness of local social enterprise partnerships

Kai-zen is pleased to be at the forefront of addressing these needs.

New voluntary & community sector management company

We have been working with Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) leaders in Wolverhampton to set up a Social Investment Partnership called the People in Partnership CIC which bids for contracts through a quality assured supply chain of local VCS Organisations. We developed a Criminal Justice Strategic Plan and Delivery model that includes outcomes pathways for all of the resettlement pathways,  and a supply chain of quality assured VCS organisations, building capacity where there were gaps. We also developed a youth services delivery model and supply chain. This work promises to be a win-win-win solution: Commissioners make savings, Investors get a return for investing in social change and the local VCS gets more funding to deliver more services that make a difference to people's lives. 

Reducing A&E hospital admissions through VCS partnerships and delivery

We have been working with local VCS partners, Age UK, the Refugee & Migrant Centre, and Aspiring Futures to design a project that reduces avoidable A & E hospital admissions in Wolverhampton, securing funding from the Better Care Fund and CCG. This is a unique new local offering that supports outcomes-based commissioning, and local VCS design and delivery of innovative services. We supported the development of the outcomes and metric performance management system, and we are providing on-going specialist technical support in monitoring and evaluation to the project.

Public health transformation

Wolverhampton Voluntary Sector Council is leading on a project that promises to ‘transform’ health and social care in Wolverhampton, working with Public Health, the CCG, the Hospital Trust and the Council. The aim is to shift resources from acute services to early intervention and prevention. Projects involvesroundtable discussions with senior leaders, designing outcomes pathways, service redesign,

market mapping and developing quality assured VCS supply chains. We are pleased to be supporting this project.

Supporting social enterprises to achieve big potential

We are working with leading management consultancy company and Approved Provider, Eastside Primetimers, to support the design and delivery of Social Investment Business Big Potential projects. Our latest success is our work with Solihull Life Opportunities, a leading disability social enteprise based in the West Midlands, where we co-designed the project, undertook a market analysis, supported the development of a social impact framework and successfully project managed delivery.

Supporting young people

Youth Clubs are increasingly seen as important in achieving Positive Futures for young people, the new approach to cross-government policy for young people aged 13-19 yrs.  However public funding is now targeted primarily at young people at risk of poor outcomes (and targeted services. This means that there is a need to consider how open access youth services can be funded through other routes (e.g. trading and grants). We have been working with young peoples clubs across Leicestershire, supporting them with their business plans and funding, with a particular focus on developing new social enterprise approaches to delivery and measuring social impact. We have also been working with the Young People's Support Foundation in Manchester to develop their social impact framework in readiness for social investment.

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