Organisational development

We live in an organisational world. Organisations of all forms, from informal self-help groups, networks, charities, governmental, inter-governemental, mutuals, to large multi-million pound social enterprises, are part of society and they serve important needs.

The study of organisations and how they are formed, how they develop and how they grow in response to local, national and international contexts is an important area of our work. In a context of increasing inequality and poverty, competition, conflict, and globalisation, we bring our far ranging knowledge, skills and resources in organisational development to support organisations to develop, improve performance, grow and respond to local needs.

The range of issues we work on:
  • Strategic overview of the position of the organisation in its marketplace and environment, and recommend mid to long term strategic directions.
  • Independent review of a proposed course of action, or of the choice between two or more.
  • Catalysing change by recommending alterations to management processes and organisation.
  • Team strengthening & building
  • The implementation of a new system or process.
  • Interim management - to be involved in the medium term operation of the organisation e.g. business development or developing supply chains

Organisation topics

  • Human resource management
  • Governance
  • Finance and funding
  • Organisation management and behaviour
We use different intervention strategies depending on your needs from survey research and feedback through to problem analysis and action planning. We offer interim management or we undertake specific tasks. We facilitate, we coach, we train and we mentor. We ensure our input is sustainable by engaging with and supporting managers over the medium term.

One of our recommended methods is the ‘kaizen blitz’. These are short duration improvement projects with a specific aim for improvement. They are typically short-term (maximum a week), one off improvement events that are part of an overall continuous improvement programme, facilitated by us. They are an excellent way to bring out ideas and creativity from staff and help to create a step change improvement in efficiency, quality and delivery in a specific area of your organisation.
Kai-zen supports business planning with the Board and staff of Hope Enterprises

Methods and approach

We ask a series of questions to determine key issues and develop a package of support tailored to meet your needs. This may involve a mix of mentoring, workshops, virtual support and resources.

We work within a structured framework but we are flexible and we adapt to meet your needs. This is because we also use a systems based approach, giving attention to the total work of organisations, the 'white spaces', and the interrelationships between different areas of work, where change in one area will require new ways of working in another.

Our mentoring approach is non-imposing, and involves checking understanding, providing constructive feedback, facilitating discussions, active listening, offering suggestions and building on ideas.

We are hands on and we get involved with organisations to get a real sense of history, culture, people and capability. This may mean attending board and/ or staff meetings and observing front line activities, at no cost.

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