Performance management

‘Kaizen’ is a quality assurance & business improvement concept that literally means ‘change and improve for the better’. Continuous improvement and change drivers undeprins what we do.

We work with clients to develop new ways of managing performance that enables commissioners, funders and corporates to manage the performance of delivery organisations/ suppliers more effectively, and civil society sector delivery organisations to efficiently evidence and report on impact.

We strive to bring the kaizen into systems and processes, ensuring lean, efficient and smooth running performance management, saving time and resource.


Social impact frameworks

Civil society organisations, especially those that are growing quickly, can face challenges in monitoring, evaluating and learning from their work in terms of assessing impact, multiple funder reporting requirements, ensuring learning systematically feeds into planning and communicating impact and learning.

Often staff develop their own methods and systems for monitoring projects, resulting in a multitude of indicators, methods and systems, with data collection held in many different places and formats. This is inefficient and makes it hard to have an organisation wide understanding of social impact. It also means that reporting is time-consuming and repetitive. Organisations also experience issues in designing relevant and meaningful indicators to measure performance.

In this context, we support  organisations to develop and implement organisational social impact frameworks – monitoring and reporting systems that improve information management, and that provide the foundation to enable them to improve how they analyse and communicate social impact. We also support smaller organisations to set up and develop social impact frameworks so that they are fit for purpose for planning, monitoring, evaluation, communicating impact and fundraising.

This is an important area of work, especially in the context of public sector commissioning, payment by results contracts, scaling up enterprise and social investment finance.


Task areas
  • Review of current performance management
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Research good practice from across the UK and the globe
  • Planning to define outcomes pathways
  • Development of a social impact framework, & training to embed into the organisation
  • Developing shared social impact frameworks
  • Developing IT database systems and shared systems
  • Social return on investment - full evaluation or forecast
  • Well-designed indicators that help you to demonstrate change
  • Better data collection and more accurate data entry
  • Consistency in documenting and reporting
  • Improved systems for planning and reporting
  • Improved communication of impact
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