Consultancy services

We help organisations to improve their performance through effective analysis planning and delivery. We bring an ethical approach, ensuring that our work delivers exceptional results and long term impact.

Continuous improvement and change drivers are at the heart of what we do.

Civil society sector development services

We work with a diverse range of civil society organisations including small, grassroots groups, mutuals, charities, social enterprises, infrastructure support organisations, consortia, and international networks. We are civil society sector experts, helping organisations to develop, improve and grow.

We offer cost effective solutions and we go the extra mile to ensure that our work has a long term impact. We are in high demand because of our approach - we listen, we support, we coach, we capacity-build, and we like to get involved with the organisation to get a feel for its motives and values. We are passionate about good causes and we want to help.

Our business consultancy services focus on key business areas that Kai-zen believes are needed by the civil society sector.

Products and services

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Performance management
Organisational development
Business development

Public sector services

We support public sector organisations to commission for better outcomes – to secure the best use of resources and deliver positive outcomes that meet needs in local areas.

We support public sector reform and the transformation agenda, helping commissioners to develop their strategic commissioning capability. Our management consultancy services to public sector commissioners are centred on the principles and practice of 'intelligent strategic commissioning'. We use a ‘whole-system’ approach to thinking about the relationship between outcomes and services, providing tailor-made services at all stages of the commissioning cycle.

Our strategic planning and commissioning support services are based on the following key principles:

  • An understanding of people's needs, ensuring the engagement of local civil society sector organisations as representatives, to access their specialist knowledge
  • Consulting potential provider organisations in advance of commissioning new services, working with them to set priority outcomes
  • Outcomes for users are at the heart of the strategic planning process
  • Moving away from micro-managing outputs towards focusing on achieving outcomes-based contracts
  • Mapping the fullest possible range of providers to understand the contribution they could make to delivering outcomes
  • Investing in the capacity of providers especially where there are service gaps and in those working with hard to reach
  • Ensuring contracting processes are transparent and fair, facilitating the involvement of the broadest range of suppliers, including consortia and social investment partnerships
  • Contracts are long-term and there is risk sharing, where appropriate, as ways of achieving efficiency and effectiveness
  • Feedback from users, communities and providers to review the effectiveness of the commissioning process in meeting needs

Product and services

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Strategy development and planning
Partnership procurement
Performance management
Organisational development
Supply chain development

The benefits of working with us

  • Unique solutions reflecting your individual circumstances
  • Speed of action because we are not distracted by in-house management
  • Knowledge of ‘best practice’ and effective solutions
  • Exposure to expertise derived from other sectors & countries
  • Provision of specific technical skills that are not available in-house, and in-house capacity-building
  • Change management skills, enhanced by our position as being independent and objective

Methods and approach

We ask a series of questions to determine key issues and develop a package of support tailored to meet your needs. This may involve a mix of mentoring, workshops, virtual support and resources.

We work within a structured framework but we are flexible and we adapt to meet your needs. This is because we also use a systems based approach, giving attention to the total work of organisations, the 'white spaces', and the interrelationships between different areas of work, where change in one area will require new ways of working in another.

Our mentoring approach is non-imposing, and involves checking understanding, providing constructive feedback, facilitating discussions, active listening, offering suggestions and building on ideas.

We are hands on and we get involved with organisations to get a real sense of history, culture, people and capability. This may mean attending board and/ or staff meetings and observing front line activities, at no cost.

Packages of support

Our packages of support are built around a simple approach that involves the following phases:

Needs analysis and project planning
Governance: agree how the project will run, roles and accountabilities
Delivery: on time, to budget, to the required quality standard
On-going support: transfer of knowledge and identification of ways to sustain the benefits of the project or take it to the next phase
Review: what the project achieved including a summary report for the Board and Management
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